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Our Salon’s Therapist operators fully trained specially in all aspect of the beauty industry and in health and hygiene regulation.

-How do extensions work?-

Eyelash extension is applied to individual natural lashes one at a time with a certified bonding agent.

-Do eyelash extensions hurt?-

NO. We will never apply glue to the eyelid or clump the eyelash extensions. In fact some of our clients find it very relaxing and even fall asleep.

-How long should eyelash extensions last?-

All of our professional therapist have been trained to apply eyelash extensions properly and correctly.

It is very important for you to understand that there is no grantee on the eyelash extensions bonding time. There is always a possibility for the eyelash extensions to come off at any time.

The reason why:

1, Life style factors

2, Application compatibility

3, Hair grow cycle

We will provide you with aftercare advice, but even if you look after your new eyelash extensions, you will never know what happen when: you are a sleep, or you accidentally get some moisture from the surroundings, and also you will never know your natural lashes are at the growing stage cycle. That is why our refill prices are so affordable and you can make an appointment for a refill anytime.

We recommend 2 or 3 weeks refill to keep an original look.

-Possibility of allergic reactions-

We at Beauty Station are very consciences about health and hygiene.

Tools are sterilized and used glue is dispose and therapists sanitize their hands all the time. We never reuse used glue or tools, used on other clients.

At our salon, glue will never touch your skin. Our glue is specially formulated, once it is exposed air it changes to solid, so it will never spill into your eyes or skin.

Sometimes we experience allergic reaction even if you have not had them before, as our skin or body and hormonal condition may change.

Eyelash extensions help trap allergens and hold them close to the eyes, sometimes causing a possible reaction. If you get a reaction, simply contact us, we will remove eyelash extensions then will soon disappear.

-Patch test available?-

Yes, the adhesive used for eyelash extensions is a medical grade type and is only to applied to lashes, not the skin. It is very unlikely that you will experience an allergic reaction, however if you have some allergic experiences or you are not sure of those, it is recommended that a few lashes are applied to your lashes 24 hours before a full set of extensions are carried out.

-What is the natural lashes grow cycle? (Hair grow cycle)-

It is important to understand that it is perfectly normal for eyelash hairs to shed, just like any other hair on our body. Eyelashes go though a natural growth cycle and replace themselves, these hairs go though a 3 stage growth cycle and eventually will fall out so a new one can grow.

One thing to keep in mind, in our bundle of eyelash extensions we have a mixture of all three stages happening at one time and we refer to these as the 'baby lashes, medium grown lashes and adult lashes' for simpler understanding terms.

-Phase One - The Anagen Phase (Baby Lashes)-

Also known as the 'growth' stage, this is generally where the lashes are actively growing and last between 30 to 45 days. This is the time period where lashes grow out to various lengths based on individual genetics.

-Phase Tow - The Catagen Phase (Medium Lashes)-

This is known as the 'testing' stage where the eyelash hairs have stopped growing and have reached its desired length and is now setting to being a perfect gorgeous eyelashes. During this phase, the hair follicle slowly starts to shrink towards the surface of the skin. this phase generally last between 14 to 21 days.

-Phase Three - The Telogen Phase (Adult Lashes)-

Now is the 'shedding' phase. This is generally where the eyelash hair lives the longest, lasting up to 90 to 120 days before it naturally fall out. During this period, a new hair will grown from the follicle underneath and naturally push out the existing when the time comes.

That is why a few eyelash extensions will fall out just after you have eyelash extension done.

It is normal for a few eyelash extensions to fall out due to the natural cycle of your eyelash hairs.

If a few eyelash extensions have fallen out, it just means that those eyelashes have reached the end of its cycle and is ready to drop off taking the new eyelash with it.

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